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Updated: Sep 29

For the past 40 years, a steady rate of approximately 2,000 new studies a year has projected well over 100 benefits of magnesium. Sorry to say Magnesium deficiencies is a major problem in the United States. Magnesium deficiencies cause elevated inflammation ,which has been associated with such conditions as heart disease, diabetes, and a risk factor for osteoporosis. Being well deficient in magnesium helps with Fibromyalgia, DiabeteType2, migraines and a lot more unwanted health conditions. It’s no coincidence that I was lead spiritually to a stone by the name of Magnesite to make healing bracelets. Magnesite contains a high level of magnesium which will absorbs into the body when worn on it. Magnesite is a wonderful emotional healing stone, ideal for those who are stuck in grief,it also helps to relieve stress and anxieties. I use this stone because its great for balancing the Chakras and promote healing to the body. I've had amazing results and I want to share this amazing energy with you. I make each bracelet by hand and charge them up with Reiki as an added bonus. Check out my website at A small price for a huge investment in yourself. Peace and Love!


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